Color Services

Basic color includes single process & shampoo

*Pricing Will Go Up Depending On Level Of Stylist*

ColorStarting at $70+
Glaze w/ Color Services $30+
Extra Color (for thick hair) $12+
Glaze Only $50+

Color w/ Partial Highlights

Color with Partial HighlightsStarting at $138+

Color w/ Full Highlights

Color with Full HighlightsStarting at $158+

Partial Highlights

Partial HighlightsStarting at $115+

Full Highlights

Full HighlightsStarting at $148+


BalayageStarting at $160+
OmbreStarting at $160+
Specialized Color w/ Highlights (Quoted on Consultation)

Corrective Color / Hair Extensions

Quoted on Consultation


All color pricing is based on hair length & texture.

The “+” sign indicates variations in price among Vive’s professionals based on education, experience, skill along with the length and thickness of your hair.  Prices are subject to change without notice.